The Future of Doing My Programming…

As you’ve likely noticed; the pace of posts has dropped precipitously over the last few years. I’ve been completing my degree undergraduate degree in Computer Science and I had assumed that I’d have lots of things to write about in the process. Unfortunately, it turns out that most professors don’t like it when you post how to do their assignments on the Internet.

I am going to be finishing my degree in a few weeks, and after that I have a job lined up doing graphics work for a local company. I can’t imagine that my future employer will be any more excited about the prospect of me posting how they do things. Additionally, time has become a more scarce resource, and I just don’t have time for this any more.

Thus, I’m sad to say that I’ll be letting my domain subscription lapse in a few weeks. The blog will stay live at, and it’s certainly possible that new posts happen. However, this is no longer something I can commit to with any sort of regularity, and I think it’s time to let go.

If you were a regular reader of mine, I wanted to say thank you. I was never doing this for money or glory, I just wanted to give something back. I know countless times I’ve had problems, and it was some blog that Google turned up that had the answer. Hopefully this blog was that result for one of you.

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